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Relax your mind.

Purify Body Wash is made with calming essential oils like lemongrass, eucalyputus and Japanese Peppermint. These are perfect for reviving and brightening the skin, while soothing your body and mind. Win. Win.

Start relaxing

Here to change the game

Celeste Essentials is more than a beauty brand. I am have been studying and creating skin care since 2017. I create products with ingredients that are needed and nothing more. Celeste Essentials is dedicated to helping everyone return to natural. I am changing the game one product at a time using some of the rarest butters and oils that are uber beneficial to the skin. Your cure starts here.

Always packaged with care

Our Promise

I promise to always use the purest ingredients and to always be here to answer your questions, help you place an order, or to help you fix one. Feel free to message me and ask as many questions as you'd like! Want to learn more skin tips, fun facts and information on our products? Follow me on Instagram for more!