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Below I have researched some of the most common skin conditions and their correlations with our health and lifestyle. Not only can our skin suffer from external environments they are exposed to daily but also the foods we eat and addictions partake in can also take an extreme toll on our overall health, physically and mentally. These are not by a long shot every single scenario that can cause common skin conditions, these are simply a quick overview of causes to help you expand your mind to the idea that getting back in tune with your health and nature are the most crucial things to do gain control back over your body. It is always recommend to discuss these curiosities with your physician as skin conditions can be caused by an insane amount of different scenarios. They can help you to regain control and maintain homeostasis within the body but you have to have the knowledge to ask and advocate for yourself. They are only checking the basic routine procedures based on the code entered upon arrival and could be completely overlooking 3 simple changes, your health, your diet, and your lifestyle. 


There are over 10 different types of acne and each can be caused by a deficiency of most of the common vitamins, However we will focus on the fact that each type tends to be widely linked to a vitamin B and Vitamin D deficiency. The lack of each deficiency in the Vitamin D group can present itself as acne. A lack of Biotin (B7) will result in the skin losing a barrier of defense. Biotin can assist the skin in helping with inflammation and fungal bacteria. Without a proper amount of biotin the body can begin to agitate the skin easily. Vitamin B2 is used to for zinc absorption. Without Zinc the body can not fight off swelling and redness caused by acne. 

Incorporating a Multi-complex B vitamin can help you to return to a place of balance and help you to gain control back over your skin and health, mentally and physically. Most dark green leafy vegetables, broccoli, legumes and beans contain B-vitamins while folic acid can be found in fortified cereals. Since Zinc tends to be a common deficiency, it may suit you to use a higher SPF as zinc helps to protect from UV damage.

Due to the potential of having a vitamin D deficiency (which most Americans do) you will need to incorporate a vitamin D supplement. They tend to be very small and easy to swallow or you can purchase Vitamin D drops, they are virtually tasteless and can be dropped in a drink or food to take it. Lifestyle changes are also important to pay attention to as it may not be health related, but could be environmental. Choosing an organic skincare regimen is crucial. Our bodies have become conditioned to chemicals and we have essentially gone down a rabbit hole of putting the wrong things on our skin, when you return to natural your skin will go through a purging phase to release all the gunk it’s endured for years.  becoming more active in the gym, hot months and going out/wearing make up more can also be the cause of acne flare ups. Leaving sweat and make up on the skin for hours is not beneficial. It can be the water we use to wash our faces, there are all kinds of chemicals floating in our water that is not getting filtered out properly. Good quality water can make an unbelievable difference. Try purchasing a water filter for your sink to see a difference. 

It is also important to note some acne is hormonal. We cannot always do something to have clear skin 100% of the time, but we can know what to do to help ourselves when it’s not. If you suffer from hormonal acne or acne in general it is important to watch your diet. Starch is a huge culprit when it comes to acne, cow’s milk and fatty foods can contribute as well. People have been proven to react well to a low glycemic diet. 


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