Natural remedies for eczema
•use thick and rich oils on flaky skin. Cod liver fish oil, black seed oil, castor oil, sunflower, calendula and borage oil are the best oils for eczema prone skin.
* Your shower or bath water should never be piping hot. When you get out of the shower do not rub or scrub your body. You need to pat the body dry. Add your moisturizer while your body is still damp to lock in more moisture.
* Soak in a bath of Dead Sea salt or raw oatmeal oats. Oats create a colloidal substance that is great for your skin. Both can calm your irritation.
* Some brands that are great that are not steroid creams are : Eucrisa, VaniCream, CeraVe and Aquaphor
* Celeste tip: When trying new oils, try it on one part of your skin before your entire body. Everyone has different reactions, some people cannot use coconut oil because it causes flair ups and some people swear by it. Be cautious.
* Once you’re sure you can add these oils to your moisturizer, the thicker the moisturizer is the better.
Natural Remedies for Psoriasis
•Turmeric is said to have a legendary effect on psoriasis. You can try creating your own paste by mixing the powder with oil or add some to your body wash.
•fill your meals with omega 3’s and omega 6’s a lot of fish, fruits and whole grains will help the skin from the inside out.
•vitamin E, fish oil, and garlic supplements can assist your immune system in building a resistance to the flare ups.
•if you get flare ups in your scalp use oatmeal or tea tree based hair products for some relief.
•Ask your doctor about Derma-Smoothe shampoo or scalp oil, it is magical!
Best diet for people with psoriasis and eczema:
•Fish or anything containing omega 3’s
•foods high in probiotics: yogurt, kefir, and kombucha are popular, if you don’t like these, try adding Acidophilus supplement to your daily routine.
Foods high in anti inflammatory flavonoids: colorful fruits and veggies like kale and spinach, apples, berries etc.
Foods that can cause flare ups(pay attention to your body)
-citrus fruits
Celeste’s reccomendations:
Don’t shower longer than 15 minutes, keep the water Luke warm. Pat, don’t rub the skin and do not completely dry skin before applying moisture. The thicker the oil the more moisture you will retain. If you have psoriasis, add your moisture and then wrap your skin in cling wrap to keep it moisturized while you sleep. If you have scalp dermatitis, add tea tree and peppermint oil to your hair products. Soak in a bath tub with Dead Sea salt or oats if you’re so miserable you can’t find relief and incorporate more omega 3’s and probiotics.