About the CEO

"providing a brand that caters to the health and wellness of not only the skin, but the mental and physical health of others, with the belief that you cannot be healthy on the outside without taking care of the inside." -Mikala Williamson

Celeste Essentials was founded in 2017 by CEO, Mikala Williamson at just 20 years old. She has gone through a childhood of hospitalizations due to Sickle Cell Anemia. She was then chosen for a research study on stem cell transplants and was cured of Sickle Cell Anemia.
After her transplant she began developing a lot of skin issues from eczema and psoriasis to severely dry, chapped skin from head to toe. Nothing was working from dermatologist, to medications, and even other organic brands. Mikala used this experience to build a better life for herself and others who may be experiencing the same things.

5 years later she is a Registered Medical Assistant with an associate degree in applied sciences making her knowledgeable in the science behind handcrafting organic beauty and the overall health of the body and skin.

Not only does she handcraft and sell products on her own website but she also is in local stores and Walmart marketplace. Mikala even teaches others how to handcraft their own skincare products, provides wholesale and private label products, and educates her customers on how to take care of the body and skin from the inside out.