Our Story

Our Story

  “Celeste” the name passed down to our CEO, Mikala Celeste Williamson, starting with her great, great grandmother, embodies resilience that has been both tested and approved. This name has traveled from generation to generation, each one retracting the steps of those paved before her. Built on the foundations of every “Celeste” birthed through this matriarchal order, our brand promotes healing, integrity, and strength, all combined into our luxurious, handcrafted products. Mikala Williamson is a Registered Medical Assistant and nursing student dedicated to the careful study of holistic treatments. Since 2017, Celeste Essentials has been serving and educating generations on natural treatments. Our hope is to continue promoting healthy communities through holistic care, free of chemicals, for generations to come. 

Our Mission 

Nature has been the best source of healing properties since the beginning of time. It is our belief that returning back to these earthly properties are an ideal way to bring forth and sustain the glow within. We have found that cutting chemicals is key. Knowledge promotes freedom, so Celeste Essentials is on a mission to enlighten communities on the benefits of natural methods of treatment.

Our Promise


  • To always provide the benefits of using our products to treat your hair and skin.
  • That all of our products are crafted with care and free of harmful chemicals.
  • To provide you with quality service and help educate you on the why’s every step of the way.