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Oat Butter

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Oat butter is back! Our oat butter is soy butter infused with colloidal oats, this body butter not only hydrates the skin but it repairs extremely dry cracked skin. This butter is designed for babies, elderly, sensitive, and severely dry and cracked skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. We recommend applying any of our butters while the skin is still damp. If you need an extra layer of moisture top it off with a body oil. If you have extremely sensitive skin, are sensitive to scents or are shopping for a baby under 1 year old, try our Plain Jane regimen, a Plain Jane Soap Bar, Gentle Oat Butter, and Londyn Serum are all designed to work together and are unscented. 


Soy butter infused with colloidal oats, vegetable glycerin


For Body: After shower, pat your skin dry leaving it slightly damp so your skin can take advantage of the extra moisture. If you have extremely dry skin or eczema follow up with a serum as a sealant for extra moisture.
For curly hair & dry scalp: safe for use daily.

The CEO's personal hair regimen: Wash & condition like you typically do, apply butter as needed or generously from root to tip. Oil scalp with any serum by Celeste Essentials.

Follow up with a natural foaming mousse and apply a soft jam to your roots and edges to help them lay flatter if you'd like. Seal the hair with any serum.

If you have oily hair Celeste Serum is best, this step is optional as well it just adds more moisture and shine.

To maintain over night put your hair in 2 or 3 strand twists, the number you put in depends on how defined you prefer your curls.

Esthetician Guidance


Protips: If you suffer from severely dry skin do NOT use hot water for your showers and limit fragrances
If you are using other lotion brands, opt for thick lotions/body butters, watered down butters have to have alcohol to preserve them so they are more likely to dry your skin out.
Never rub your skin dry, always pat it.
Leave skin damp when applying any body butter by any brand including Celeste Essentials, you will feel the biggest difference in application and absorption of the product.


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