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The Garden Serum

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The Garden Serum, named in honor of CJ Monet's latest album, is designed to manage hormonal acne and provide skin protection. It may be used to alleviate razor bumps, ingrown hairs, blackheads, oily skin, acne, irritation, and dryness. As well great for hyperpigmentation and blackheads. Apply daily to clean skin for best results. The serum is also beneficial for treating dandruff, beardruff, and itchy scalp.



Jojoba oil, Machine infused with Calendula, lavender, hibiscus, peppermint, rose, and eucalyptus.


For the face: Apply a couple drops to clean skin after your toner twice daily for best results. This oil is thicker so its great for any time of day but its great for your nighttime routine as it will have a longer time to penetrate.
For the hair: For protective styles its safe to apply as much as you need, for curly hair apply it to the scalp and use it as a sealant once you put your other moisturizers in.
For the body: if you suffer from extremely dry skin, apply as a sealant after your body butter for a little extra moisture.

For intimate areas: apply to clean, dry skin daily after shower.

Esthetician Guidance

Jojoba Oil contains antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Jojoba oil contains natural forms of vitamin E. This vitamin works with your skin as an antioxidant. This means that jojoba oil can help your skin fight oxidative stress caused by everyday exposure to pollutants and other
toxins. Jojoba oil is non-comedogenic; although it's a botanical substance, its makeup is so similar to the oil (sebum) your body naturally produces that your skin can’t tell the difference.
This makes it less likely to build up on your skin and clog your pores, leading to fewer breakouts and less severe acne.

Calendula: Calendula oil contains SPF14 properties and reduces the chances of sunburn and skin cancers. It also includes components that treat acne, eczema, wounds, diaper rash, and dry scalp. Because of its high antioxidants, Calendula oil can reduce oxidative stress.


1-3 drops should be all you need to moisturize your face, a little goes a long way.
Wait 2-3 minutes after applying toner to apply your serum
If you like a dewey glow mist a little toner after you've applied your serum to set it in.

Always apply serums/creams in an upward outward motion to avoid premature signs of aging. To provide more blood circulation ice your face before applying your serum. It is optional but using a cold gua sha or ice globes to rub in your serum can help bring circulation to your face as well leaving it looking brighter or healthier.
exfoliate once-twice biweekly.

If you wax or shave this is great to use to avoid ingrown hairs and raxor bumps. If you have oily skin, our Celeste Serum is just as effective for intimate areas.

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